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I disabled pageviews, the single most horrid cause of all my anxieties here daily. Seriously man, once it reached the thousands it became a numbers game and I don't like that, I want things to be more than numbers to me, I want to see people, not numbers.

Turns out disabling views is real easy to do, it's merely under settings in one's profile. Now the next step is having the option to disable profile comments and I'll be golden.

I also disabled the ability to see notifications about people making mentions of me. If you got something worthwhile to say to me you'll come here and note me by golly.

Have a wonderful day. If I secretly don't like you, then feel bad.


- evilmeep
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Christopher John
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm not Pro y'know, I'm amateur for sure.

Don't eat me, believe it or not mice don't like to be eaten, at all.
There are no exceptions to these rules.
I'm very nice very often, but sometimes I ain't.
I like to be rude, I'm mostly rude to people I like, If I'm rude to you I like you.
People who draw furries inspire me not to make the same mistakes they make.
Drawing furries is cool and all but golly is the fandom a cesspool of rubbish.
My status changes from green to red to show that I am almost dead.
I like to be rude to people that I hate, if I'm rude to you it means I hate you with all of my spirit.
evilmeep is a rube and should be avoided like the plague.
Eat it eat it eat it eat it eat it eat it eat it eat it

Arms are made to be broken.
There's never been a day tragic enough not to be fixed with bribery and flattery.
Owls are bad, you should run or retaliate if you see one.
Life has its ups and downs but in the end nobody has any of their rights left.
If I'm noticeably rude to you and it's really not that funny it's pretty likely because I actually don't like you none. You'd best find an internet friend who actually likes you if I don't, not everyone can be friends y'know.
I write a lot here to try to be clever but there's no way that I can be witty, ever.

I don't think I like you.

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